Ms. Cheezious melts the hearts of Coral Gables locals

From wheels to land, Ms. Cheezious has been around for years in Miami. After starting during Art Basel, a very famous art show in the heart of downtown Miami, they’ve only continued to grow. The franchise grew adding another truck to the arsenal a year later, and then started their own restaurant the following year. Recently they added another restaurant, this time in Coral Gables.

The Ms. Cheezious franchise is a well known food organization that Miamians love and cherish. People began to fall in love with their flavorful and unique menu that consists of a Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese Sandwich and  As people fell in love with the flavorful venue, many more came to Mrs. Cheezious and word got around about the famous food truck. Eventually became famous enough to open a venue in our very own city of Luxurious city of Coral Gables. Mrs. Cheezious continues to gain a great reputation as a gourmet grill cheese and sandwich restaurant.

Contributions by: Ricky Gomez, Brian Houtenbrink-Hoyo,  Suarez, Austin Chacon, Javier Rodriguez, and Chris Vazquez

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