Newest adventure sport gaining popularity in the U.S.

Football, Soccer, Knockerball? The sport of Knockerball has taken the
world by storm, and it has done so in popular fashion. Now what
exactly is Knockerball? Well it’s a game that involves a giant
hamster-ball like contraption. The original concept of Knockerball,
came from Norway and it was known as “Zorb Ball”. Zorb Ball, a
combination of soccer and bumper cars became a widespread phenomenon.
The game involves a giant hamster-ball like contraption, and the main
point of the game is to score goals, with the obstacle of trying not
to get knocked down. Originally a uniquely European game, it has now
become extremely popular in the United States.

As Knockerball made its way to the United States, people began to
realize the excitement and enjoyment of the Norwegian game.
Knockerball could be played anywhere, from the grass–to the
hardwood–it is a very flexible game, as you are engulfed in a
protective “hamster-ball.” Columbus Sophomore Greg Mesa utilized the
grass option, as he and his friends enjoyed a game at Tropical Park.
Mesa, who was new to the sport, said,” The thing I was looking forward
to most was the opportunity to have fun with my friends and be able to
hit them.” While many people take the “hitting”, as something
dangerous it is far from it, as no one has ever been injured while
playing. That is the beauty of the game, and the main reason it will
continue to become popular for years to come.

Tommy Holt, Owner of Knockerball Miami, can vouch for the safety and
fun of the game. While discussing the parameters of the game Holt
said, “It’s something where you can run into each other, bounce into
each other, and not get hurt. So it’s awesome.” As this sport provides
a uniquely safe and fun way for people to enjoy their time, it also
serves as a stress reliever for some. Mesa says, ” My favorite part of
hitting my friends was that it was a good stress relief and that it
was legal.” The fact that the sport serves as a stress reliever may be
surprising to many, but it seems that factor may be essential in it
becoming more popular nation wide as people who like to “hurt” things
when frustrated will now have a more reasonable alternative. “I would
definitely recommend the experience to everybody”, says Mesa as he and
his peers where some of the first to try out the new game.

With Knockerball being a relatively new sport, owners of different
franchises were optimistic on how popular it would actually become.
Thankfully for them the uniqueness of the sport attracts many, as it
is something no one has ever seen before. Holt says, ” We’ve even had
some police officers stop and want to get into the ball–and the
community’s really embraced it.” From the Norwegian Sport of “Zorb
Ball” to the now international phenomenon, Knockerball is ready to
become a household name in the world of sports.

Written by: Jacob Gonzalez-Mir

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