What Does a Meal Cost?

A big concern for some students at the FSPA student journalist convention in Orlando, Florida, was how they could eat a full meal for a low price. Being students we don’t have an unlimited budget and we defiantly need to eat. And by rule we cant leave the hotel grounds. So what options do we have? The onsite option is the local gas station WAWA, and the in hotel cafe. we also could order food from a popular food chain such as Burger King, Dominos, or a Chinese restaurant. But we know that can get pretty expensive. So which are we option do we pick?

The WAWA is the best option for the inexpensive choice. This place is perfect because it is a gas station ad therefore the prices art that bad. also they have a widespread selection of food so there is something for everyone all the time. They even have people making sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The only problem with WAWA is for the newcomers of the convention. All veterans of FSPA know that WAWA gets crowded quick and getting there early is the only way to get in and out fast. And when they see how crowded this place gets it may drive them to other options.

The other option for students at FSPA is delivery. There are plenty of options in the local are for delivery, such as Dominos and Jimmy Johns. But there are there own downside to these choices. The biggest one is the cost. When you order out you only paying for the food but also the delivery fee, and don’t forget tip. And in the case of pizza if you don’t eat all of it then it can get stale and wont taste very good. As convenient as delivery is there are plenty of issues we students would run into.

As students join the next generation of journalists, they look to gain connections and experience through the convention. They see for the first time what its like to live without the support of their parents, along with learning about the world of broadcasting. One skill necessary for a young adult, is deciding what to eat and how much spend on it. For younger students and newcomers of FSPA, WAWA seems to be the way to go but, who knows maybe one day delivery will take over and we will all be eating pizza and hoagies.

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