Robert is Here continues to thrive

Robert is Here serves not only as an example of a small business with large success, but also as an example of hard work, family, and the supportive community of South Florida.

Robert is Here has continued to serve customers the freshest fruits, vegetables, and milkshakes for 56 years now, and owner Robert Moehling hopes to continue this tradition for years to come.

Robert Moehling first began selling fresh produce in 1959 when his farmer father asked him to sell surplus cucumbers by the side of the road. Robert wasn’t making any money off of his cucumber stand, so his father created a sign out of spare hurricane shutters and wrote the words “Robert is Here” on it. The following day Robert sold every last cucumber at the stand, the name stuck, and Robert is Here was born.

Robert is Here was built off of family values and hard work and continues operating with those same values to this day. You can see it in the vast amount of family photographs that cover the wall space; and if you look around the store you’ll be able to see many of the faces in the pictures behind the counter and stocking shelves. Many of Robert Moehling’s employees are his own family members; keeping the business in the family helps keep the original values of the store alive. Robert is Here is famous across South Florida for its produce and milkshakes, and it shows by the amount of people from across the United States and around the world who come visit.

“My favorite part about working here is meeting new people,” said employee Darren Ramirez, “people from Europe, South America, and recently we had a couple from Tokyo visit.” It’s incredible to see how a business that began with a six year old boy selling cucumbers by the side of the road, now attracts people from across the world.

Not only do the milkshakes bring people to Robert is Here but it’s warm family environment also does the trick. “I love the welcoming environment,” said customer Bobby Dowling, “…they enjoy what they do, it’s a nice family run business and that’s something you don’t find a lot of in South Florida.”

Robert is Here is a prime example of what hard work and family can do. It shows us how technology and the world’s new ways don’t necessarily force us to change our values.
Robert is Here is almost like a time capsule; the outside world has barley scratched it and its values and ways of doings things haven’t changed.

The fruit stand is a place where all are welcome to join the Moehling family and enjoy a great milkshake.

With contribution from Cesar Sabates and Chris Forero.

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