Che Scott teaches kids how to respect others through the Honor Games

Che Scott has had his fair share of experience in serving others, be it as chaplain to the Miami Heat or as Founder of 8 Years in 8th Grade. Scott is now partnering with students from Our Lady of Lourdes Academy in order to reach a new audience of female and male middle schoolers alike through the 8 Years in 8th Grade Program. Che Scott presents a clear message: teach girls and boys to respects themselves and each other.

His book, I Like Girls: Honor the New Guy Code is addressed to boys and is a call to action for young men to honor women. Scott also wrote a book addressing girls I Like Boys calling them to respect themselves. Thanks to the girls at Lourdes Academy, the message of honor and self-respect has spread to reach a whole new demographic: middle schoolers. This program incorporates lessons from the aforementioned books into fun games and obstacle courses known as the Honor Games

“No one was really doing anything for middle school students,” explained Scott, “and so we created a platform to teach our values in an environment that is engaging to middle schoolers and done in such a way that the kids want to be there” The first male/female honor games took place in mid-march at Fuchs Park and was a success with participating middle schoolers from all across Miami. “If we can create something here, not only will we create a solution for these issues in Miami, but we may have a global solution”

This organization has impacted not only middle school mentees, but also the high school volunteers. “I love the message behind it; I love that boys are learning how to respect girls and I love how girl are learning to love themselves,” says Lourdes academy student Olatz Arriaga, secretary of the Bobcat Chapter of 8 Years in 8th Grade.

Alexandra Gómez, president of the club at Lourdes, elaborates on her experience as a mentor, “ Girls everywhere have encountered disrespectful boys. This program allows us to reach out to middle schoolers and teach girls to command a certain level of respect from boys and teach boys to rise to meet these standards of respect and honor, which is why we title these events ‘The Honor Games.’”

Che Scott believes these events can create seismic waves of profound social change. He is currently touring Asia in an attempt to spread the message he wrote about in his book. “It’s a global problem and if people from around the world as asking for me to ‘come talk to us about it here’ then we have something real on our hands.” As his message of mutual respect and honor continue to spread, the effect of the organization and the Honor Games as a whole is sure to grow alongside it.

Video produced with participation from Christopher Vasquez, Rafi Fernandez, and Fernando Puig.

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