Columbus replaces projectors for touch TVs

During Easter break the IT department at Christopher Columbus High School worked installing 77 brand new ClearTouch 75 inch touch screens in every classroom to replace the old bulb projectors and smart boards. These new HD displays bring more productivity to the teacher and also bring more quality to the visual aid. Many see this change as a closer move to the 21st century futuristic classroom and as a substantial improvement over the previous bulb projectors and smart board solutions. Both students and teachers get many benefits out of these new displays and they have many opinions about the upgrade as they are trying to get used to it. But why was this change so necessary in the first place?

“Projectors and the smart boards have been here for around 8 to 14 years and after analyzing the usability of the projectors, we decided that it was time for a change” said the principal of Christopher Columbus High School, David Pugh. Apparently the projectors were getting kind of old and the change would also bring a little bit of more functionality to the teachers. “We have great teachers here at Columbus and we want to provide them with the best teaching tools that would improve their experience.” The new boards bring a bunch of functionality to the teachers as the features included in the bundle are pretty amazing.

“I love the fact that I can record the lessons during the class and then upload it to On-Campus so that students can go over it at home if they didn’t understand something while doing their homework, or if they were not able to come to school that day, that saves me a lot of time and kids can learn from home as well” said Charles Frazier, Geometry Teacher. Students are also pretty excited about this as they get a better and more clear visual experience out of these new 1080p TFT LCD panels.

The boards are also packed with some other features such as an Android based operating system and an A9 ARM CPU, so they are able to browse the internet and run a large variety of apps in order to use in the classroom.

With collaboration from Austin Chacon.

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