Leo Casino returns to Columbus

Every time Leo Casino comes to Columbus to jam with the CCHS band, everyone can expect a great performance. Casino is a Miami musician who has been playing music since age ten and kept with it ever since. His time in the industry has earned him much notoriety and even a Grammy nomination. Even with all the success he has gained, Casino always places the music above all. “I would hope it would make people think of peace and hope and brotherhood around the world” Casino said as he spoke about the impact he hoped his music would have on listeners. “To try to bring a little sunshine, to bring a smile to those who really need it.”

Performing alongside mister Casino were the talented boys in the Columbus band. Clarinet player Cydric Ebo was honored to play with Casino, saying “honestly it was pretty awesome. It’s been awhile since I’ve played with somebody else besides the band, especially with guests like Leo Casino.” It’s no surprise that up and coming musicians like Ebo would be glad to perform with a talent like Casino. Casino stated that performing alongside high school musicians reminded him of his youth. “I get a chance to go back in time in my life, when I played with artist like Wilson Pickett and Quincy Jones.”

Students in the band aren’t the only ones who enjoy Leo Casino’s presence. A crowd of various students and teachers alike can be seen gathered around Patriot Plaza as band coach Keith Cooper jams out with Casino and the boys in the band. There’s no doubt that everyone in the crowd is enjoying the rich musical experience.

Casino returning to Columbus isn’t just for entertainment however. The main reason the musical event is to celebrate Black History Month. Jazz, the genre that Mr.Casino excels in,  is obviously a big part of Black History Month. Mr. Cooper is very well aware of that fact.  “The music he plays is Jazz music, and Jazz music really came from the Blues which came from slavery. It’s a huge part of history” said Cooper as he elaborated on what Casino’s music means for black history.

This is not the first time that Leo Casino has come to Columbus to perform and it most likely won’t be the last. As long as the Christopher Columbus family wants him, he’ll keep coming to entertain and enrich the students and staff of Columbus with his music.


Video produced with contribution from Rafi Fernandez and Fernando Puig

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