Columbus’ Juniors receive class rings

The Junior Ring ceremony is one of the most important events in Christopher Columbus High School. It is held every year in the month of February at the Gym in order to hand out the Rings to all of those Juniors who purchased a class ring from the company that has worked with the school since the beginning, Herff Jones. Many of these Juniors purchase their ring to keep as a reminder or symbol of being in the school which binds the class and also serves as another step to becoming seniors and future leaders of the school.

“For me the ring is very important because it serves as a reminder of the school and also serves as a reminder to never give up the hard work and that it always gives something good at the end”, said Junior Student who received his class ring, Andres Moas. Of course this ring does serve as a memory or reminder of the school but it also serves as a connection among all graduating students and the alumni. There are many Columbus Alumni out there who would recognize such ring instantly. This connection could even get someone a job in the future.

“No matter what year you graduated, if somebody knows you are a Columbus Alumni, you are welcome in the door”, said Alumni Parent, Michael Stokłosa. The Alumni network outside Columbus is pretty big and you might be impressed how many there are out there. As you can see this tradition does not only provide the students with a nice reminder, it also helps them in in the future with connections and basically incorporates them to that special Columbus brotherhood among all students and alumni. Hopefully all Juniors liked their customized rings and had a great time in the ceremony. Now the only thing left for them to do is to take care of it and try not to lose it.

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