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The one time of the school day every student looks forward to is lunchtime. Well, not every student. Some kids leave home not knowing if they will eat lunch that day because they can’t afford the school lunch. These individuals wouldn’t have to go through this if school lunch were free. With a free school lunch no kid would leave lunch hungry therefore being more attentive in class and better behaved. It has been proven that when feed students are, more productive and have better attitudes.

Some students try and accommodate for the missed meal by eating snacks I between class, and while this helps, it is not the ideal was for a student to eat. Aside from the health aspect it would almost impossible for the student to say awake with no energy with the lack of food in their system. Another problem students falling asleep in class and gets in trouble for it, but in reality they can’t really control it because the had nothing to eat. Although that is the way school works that doesn’t seem fair.

But some schools have tried to help but making a free lunch program, but here is no such thing as a free lunch. Well at least not economically. If the school wanted to have a free lunch program then taxes in the surrounding area would go up to play for those lunches. And in terms of private schools tuition would have to go up to pay for extra food to feed those kids without lunch. Although this is a good alternative it doesn’t accommodate everyone.

Students everywhere need a good lunch to help them focus, be attentive, and improve their health overall. This problem doesn’t concern everyone so not everyone cares but at the end of the day someone has to, because if we want students to learn something in school they need to be fed a proper lunch and a free lunch could make the happen. If we can provide the kids without lunch at least this one meal a day then maybe just maybe they would like school just a little bit more.

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