Over 200 colleges convene at the Double Tree


High school is widely known as the four years of a teenager’s life where he or she prepares to make the next step in their lives: going to college.

With standardized tests and college applications coming in the blink of an eye, a student has to focus on the college of their dreams. One thing that can influence a student’s decision on a college is a college fair. “I think college fairs like these really help a student determine which school they are most interested in,” said Auburn University Representative Katherine Buck, who goes to countless college fairs and knows the importance of college fairs to students.

At events like these, students are able to ask all of the questions they want, gain a connection with college representatives, and get an overall feel of where they need to improve or keep up when it comes to academics. There is really no better way to get to know a college than meeting someone who experiences the school on a daily basis and knows essential information students are looking for. From student body size to acceptance rates, any information a student can get can set certain schools apart from others.

Not only are students able to showcase themselves to representatives and ask questions, but also schools all over the country are able to show off their own specific qualities the school has to offer that makes them stand out. “We’re trying to promote diversity in the majors that we have so students are able to come to [our university] and get an overall sense of everything the school has to offer,” said University of Georgia Representative Blanca Alejandro.

In finding the school a student is most interested in, a student must have standards for their ideal situation when it comes to college. “There’s a lot of things that factor into what you want to look for in a college,” said Columbus Junior John Little, whose idea about certain colleges was made more clear by the fair. “I, specifically, am looking for location and programs… I want to go somewhere that teaches writing, English, and liberal arts,” he later added.

It is easy to see that college fairs in general are a driving force as far as students making key decisions about colleges. Another factor for a student’s decision is visiting the college itself. However, scheduling a tour date can come from talking to a representative at a college fair, showing that the processes of choosing colleges comes full circle.

With contribution from Chris Forero and Ricky Gomez.

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