New restaurant spices up the grove

Coconut Grove is a cultural hub of music, art, and food. However, most of the restaurants in the Grove serve Italian cuisine. Columbus graduates Jason Odio and Michael Beltran noticed this trend and came up with the idea to open a brand new restaurant in Coconut Grove.

“I think that Ariete really serves food for the next generation of people in Miami. What we do here embodies all of that,” said Michael Beltran the Head Chef and co-owner at Ariete.

Ariete has been open for just about a month and has already received rave reviews. Not only does Ariete’s unique style of food resonate with the critics, but also with the customers.

“A lot of the local fare, whether it be meat products, seafood, it’s a natural Miami flavor,” said John-Paul Piedra, a frequent customer at Ariete.

Ariete’s delicious food and warm environment make it one of Coconut Grove’s premier restaurants for a good meal. Ariete currently only serves dinner but co-owner John Odio gave CCNN Live a sneak peak at one of the proposed menu options for the coming soon Brunch meal.

Odio said that the new dish is basically a breakfast sandwich that contains eggs, truffles, cheese, and onions and that this kind of unique dish exemplifies, “what we like to do here.”

However, it’s not the food that makes Ariete special, it’s the relationship between co-owners Jason Odio and Michael Beltran.

“We spoke two years ago and pretty much our ideals… are the same. It’s like that because we have known each other for such a long time.” said Beltran.

“Mike and I reconnected a few years after getting out of Columbus and I kind of saw where he was going in his career path and we kind of just decided that joining forces and doing something on the culinary scene was appropriate for us,” said Odio.

Ariete is located at 3540 Main Highway in Coconut Grove and is open for dinner from 6 PM to 11 PM.




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