Columbus Students Help With Dare to Care

Columbus and Lourdes students spent Saturday January 9th helping little kids with special needs have fun and play soccer for day at Christopher Columbus. Everyone had a great time, this was the second year that this event event was held at Columbus. This event was made possible by a foundation called Dare to Care, the Down Syndrome Association of Miami and many high school students from Lourdes and Columbus coming to volunteer.

What is Dare to Care? Dare to Care is a foundation that Columbus Junior Eduardo Llano created a few years back because his younger sister has Down Syndrome. It explained it as “a foundation that is dedicated to kids that have special needs such as down syndrome and autism and it gives them a chance to a play a sport for like soccer with other kids with special needs”.

This is a great event for this kids to have a fun day, playing soccer and making friends along the way. “It gives them a distraction and its a way to break free and just enjoy themselves and play soccer,” said Columbus student Anthony Milan.

“This is the second time with dare to care I’ve worked with the Miami Down syndrome association and Eddy and the soccer team put it together,” said Columbus teacher Mrs. Galvez-Cuesta. This is truly a great event for these kids to express themselves and have a great time.

This event is very special and hopefully as they years go by they can continue this event and watch grow and get bigger to get more sponsorships and more students out there volunteering.

Produced by: Marcos Cibran, Alex Gonzalez, and Fernando Puig

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