Trump claims he is not attending GOP debate

As we get closer to the GOP standoff, Donald Trump keeps getting more difficult. On Tuesday, Trump claimed on a Fox News interview that he was not going to attend the Republican Debate, hosted by Fox News. As Trump continues his campaign in an untraditional fashion, he continues to grab more support, but will missing this debate give space for GOP candidate, Ted Cruz to swoop in and get more support? Instead of going to the debate, he is supposedly going to help and support wounded veterans. To Trump, him attending the debate will only give more money to Fox News. as Trump says, “Why should the networks continue to get rich on the debates?” Trump claims that he will also not be attending because Fox News reporter, Megyn Kelly, is treating him unfairly and is hurting his campaign. Will missing this campaign hurt him or help him?
As Trump gains more support, it is highly unpredictable whether Donald Trump will gain more publicity through the news because of this incident, or the GOP debate will gain more attention. As Trump’s fellow candidates mock him, such as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, he and his supporters only gain more publicity and support through high attention from the media. “Fox is playing games,” Trump said. “They can’t toy with me like they toy with everybody else. Let them have the debate. Let’s see how they do with the ratings.” These few words are causing quite a conflict on Fox News and other news stations, taking attention off of the Republican Debate on Thursday night.
“I don’t like her,” Trump told Blitzer. “She [Megyn Kelly] doesn’t treat me fairly.” Trump’s conflict with Fox News, especially Megyn Kelly, has been getting more intense over the two days since he claimed that he wasn’t attending the debate. Fox News has been supporting Megyn Kelly at their highest cost, as they believe that Megyn Kelly has not done anything wrong, but has only asked reasonable and debatable questions. Candidates have been aware of the fact that Trump is not attending the campaign, claiming that it is unprecedented and unnecessary to not attend. At an event Tuesday night, Cruz said: “Donald is a fragile soul. You know, if she asks him mean questions, I mean his hair might stand on end.” Later, he then challenged Donald Trump to a one-on-one debate, with the confidence that he will gain more support. Many candidates do stand with him not attending, believing that they would gain more publicity.
As Trump continues to be criticized for not attending, the real question is whether not he will attend the Fox News Debate on Thursday night.

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