New club, new idea: Entrepreneurship club presents iPhone case

All clubs at Columbus have something that makes them unique. Most sport teams have Lettermans, while some clubs have custom jackets. Other clubs take it to another level, with custom key chains, badges, and even rings. The new Entrepreneurship Club is no exception. Rather than following any of the above, however; the Entrepreneurship Club decided to try something totally unique: make a custom iPhone case.

iphone thing

The idea to make this iPhone case came originally from the Entrepreneurship club executives. The club itself then took the idea to Mr. Pugh and Br. Kevin, who both agreed. In fact, Mr. Pugh and Br. Kevin loved it so much, they let the Entrepreneurship club use the Mas conference room for meetings after school when designing the case.

Anyone with an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s can purchase this case from the Entrepreneurship club when it becomes available. Currently, the club is talking with multiple companies to see who is willing to manufacture the iPhone cases. The case itself is designed by Alex Cordero, with input from the whole club. Current predictions put the cost of the case between $10 and $20. “Don’t have an iPhone 6 or 6s? No problem,” club member Alex Walker has said, “we plan to move on from iPhone 6/6s cases, to Samsung Galaxy next!” When asked about the idea of a Columbus themed iPhone 6/6s case, Christopher Columbus junior Kevin Nodarse excitedly answered “it would be one of the coolest things a club has ever made!” Columbus senior Joseph Alvarez has also said “I can guarantee you right now, that I would buy one of these cases the minute it comes out.”

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