Mas Scholars bring Christmas spirit to His House

His House Children’s Home is a private, Christian organization dedicated to restoring joy to newborns to 18 years olds. The organization provides residential services for children. Since 1989 His House has restored joy of over 10, 000 children in South Florida. His House is trying to stop the abuse of these children, while meeting their emotional, medical, educational, and social needs.

​The Christopher Columbus Mas Scholar seniors and juniors went to His house to spread Christmas cheer to little foster children. They set up different activities such as arts and crafts and even shared a meal at the end of day and helped decorate the house for the children to enjoy and make new friends. Once done setting up, they enjoyed the children’s company and played with them. “The activities that are helping the kids enjoy Christmas have to be decorating their doors, decorating their rooms and stuff, decorating the Christmas tree that they usually probably don’t get to do” said Columbus senior Tomas de las Casas.

​”A lot of these kids get left alone and abandoned” said de las Casas, which is a very sad thing, but that is why the Columbus Mas Scholar juniors and seniors went there, to give these children a sense that some one cares for them and give them Christmas joy.

​They decorated everything in the home from the Christmas tree to the door just to give the abandoned children a little hope. ​”The goal of this is to make kids feel that they are still part of a family” said Mrs. Gálvez-Cuesta, Mas Program Director, on why doing this event is important.

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