Columbus band continues to impress

The Christopher Columbus music program put on their second, and arguably their most popular, concert of the year: the Christmas concert. This show is a compilation of Columbus music teacher Keith Cooper, as well as musicians displaying the skills they have learned in the fast semester of the school year. “Friends and family have come to see what their kids have learned in my class and I think they did a pretty good job,” said Cooper. The students seemed to be impressed with the turn out, which not only consisted of their parents, but also their friends.

Mr. Cooper was not the only person happy with the performance. First time drummer Christopher Austin was impressed with how well he did as well as how much he learned in this short time. “I didn’t think I would be able to learn that much in such a short time,” said Austin. Along with the rest of the first time band members he was not the only one pleased with what he has learned. Mr. Cooper was also proud of his first timers, having no doubt at any time that they would be great under the spotlight.

The experienced band members also had a great time and always do. Four year band member Robert Pazo has been in the band throughout high school and has loved it since day one. “I never want to stop, it’s my favorite class,” said Pazo. He is not the only one, as almost anyone you ask who has played in the band with Cooper will give feel the same way. Every student that comes out of his class loves it and is happy with what he does. Junior Andrew Rodriguez spoke about how much he loves playing with Cooper. “I wouldn’t be happier any were else.”

The band concert was a success and no one is happier than the band members about how great they performed and how much they were able to do. They were also impressed with the teaching skills of Mr. Cooper. The parents seemed to have a good time because this was not your typical Christmas concert. Mr. Cooper brings flavor, soul, and culture to the Columbus family, and he is constantly applauded for the magic he makes with the band.

Also produced by Christopher Forero, Justin Jackson, and Ricky Gomez.

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