Explorers make an impact on community

As the Christmas season comes upon Christopher Columbus High School, the beginning of the end is nearing for seniors. Members of the Student Activities Committee are hoping to leave their mark on the community before venturing off to college, by giving less fortunate children another Christmas to remember.

“I have been fortunate enough to help these children for most of my time here at Columbus,” said Miguel de Armas, a senior officer for S.A.C. “I hope that this last year is the most successful because I want to leave a precedent for years to come.” The goal for this Toy Drive is 100 toys, a goal Joshua Fonseca is confident Columbus will reach.

“This year, students have really shown a huge wave of support for the Toy Drive. They have brought in more than we could have expected,” said Fonseca, a senior board member for S.A.C. Members of the Student Activities Committee have been spreading the word for weeks, raising awareness of the need within the community.

Robert Lewis, a fellow senior board member, elaborated on the advertising campaign, saying, “We know the joy of unwrapping toys on Christmas morning and the surprise and excitement that comes with that. It’s unfortunate to know there are children who have never experienced what many consider to be a staple of childhood. So we really tried to remind the guys at Columbus how they felt when they were younger and to want to share that with others.” It seems that the spirit of giving has successfully spread throughout the Columbus family, with teachers and faculty also supporting the cause. So as 2015 comes to a close, the seniors of S.A.C. are confident they will leave children smiling one last time.

Gabriel Gonzalez, Juan Ortega, Ceaser Sabates, and Jake Moscoso, contributed to the production of this package.

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