Miami Spectrum Festival unites artists

Miami is globally known for its beaches and its diverse nationalities. But that’s not all; in one week, several countries gather to view one of the biggest yearly art festivals in the world!
Miami Spectrum is an art exhibit that tags along other exhibits throughout Miami. It provides a distinct opportunity to foreign artist from all around the world to gather and speak one common language, art. Spectrum provides visitors with different forms of art, from paintings ranging all the way to photographs.
It was a day full of color and beauty, as artists get to expose their work to hundreds of people and discover opportunities that may not of been found otherwise. In the course of one week, artists come from all over the world to display their masterpieces. Many of the artists attending the event haven’t achieved mainstream success, making this their first time hanging their pieces for the public.
Miami is very well known for its art week, during this week Miami Art Basel is up and running and several other festivals come along with it. Spectrum is one of many art events that bring more tourists.
The Spectrum festival is filled of new artist trying to get out into the world and connect. This festival couldn’t have been placed any where better as Miami is a hub for all sorts of people. Known for its cultural diversity, Miami also serves as the port entry towards the Americas. With Spectrum bringing thousands of worldwide visitors, it will mix perfectly with the Miami’s residents.
Not only are there job opportunities but inspiration all around the exhibits. What’s special about this event is that artists who portray their art work are also influential to those rising artists.
Artists come from all around to exhibit their latest creations and the masses come in to buy masterpieces off the walls in hopes of bringing their names into the public eye.

Video produced by Chris Ahrendt, Antonio Castellanos, and Luis Gonzalez.

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