Junior League aiming to unite Miami

Throughout Miami there are several different service organizations where one can go to help the local community, but few are as prolific as the Junior League Association of Miami. Founded 90 years ago, the Junior League Association of Miami has tirelessly worked to aid children and families in desperate need. The League is committed to improving the city of Miami and its people through volunteer work, as well as empowering the local Miami women.

There are never a shortage of events with the Junior League of Miami. Recently, the League teamed up with local libraries to organize therapy dog events. Children are given the opportunity to read to dogs owned by League members. The use of pets encourages children to relax and focus on their reading, allowing them to improve on their skills while having fun. “Therapy dogs is a fantastic program, and those are the events that really stay with me” said Debbie Koch, Vice President of the Junior League’s community council.

One of the group’s primary focuses are abuse shelters situated in the north and south regions of Miami. They are transitions homes for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse and violence. “Any time I go to In Transition North or Inn Transition South…. I feel so inspired at the work we’re doing” remarked Emilie Goldman Wernick, president of the organization.

While the group does a phenomenal job of helping those in need, it has a profound effect on some of its internal members. Longtime member Cecilia Slesnick stated “I have made all of my adulthood friends in the League”. For Cecilia and many other women, the league open doors that were not possible for them before.

By focusing on helping the community, as well as its own members, the League is making strides in achieving their ultimate goal: a united community.

Video produced with help from: Rafael Fernandez and David Caserta

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