Local Miami attraction has it’s guest locked in, literally


While Miami is known for its sandy beaches, extravagant entertainment, and active night life, one different attraction has begun to bring together all types of groups.

The Great Escape Room, located in Coral Gables, is an attraction like no other. Allowing people to have fun with their friends and exercise their minds, it allows you to have fun and think at the same time. Visitors have one hour to complete various puzzles- oh yeah, which is the only way to get out.

It takes grit and critical thinking to escape this room- only being allowed out when your group has solved every puzzle and riddle. “It’s half of a scavenger hunt and its half of a brain teaser. It tends to be good, you know, for a variety of people,” said room monitor Gabriel E. Marchisio. Hundreds of guests visit The Great Escape Room every year, whether it be friends, co-workers, teams, or families. However, with only 20% of visitors escaping the room, it leaves many scratching their head when they can’t escape.

“I thought we were actually going to make it but we weren’t able to get the last clue, but I thought it was an amazing experience,” said Veronica Amato. Groups are not allowed to enter the same room twice, preventing anyone from walking into a room prepared. Even though many don’t make it out, it’s the time inside the room that really matters. According to Marchisio, even employees of big corporations get locked in The Great Escape Room as a team building activity. This just goes to show that one’s objective is not to get out, but to feel closer to their group. Simply put, its about the journey, not the destination.

For many, like Alan Kleber, The Great Escape Room is a completely different type of activity than they’re used to participating in. “I had no expectations at all, I thought we’d be locked in a room, and I thought it would be more for the kids…but it was a lot of fun for everybody,” said Kleber. This is the reaction of the majority of people when they escape. And while those who have entered the room are pleasantly surprised, many others are interested in finding out what the room entails. Will they be able to solve enough puzzles to escape?


Mickey Suarez was in the production of this video.

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  1. Javier, thank you for your excellent article and video on The Great Escape Room Miami. Since you visited, we have opened a new room in Miami, the “President’s Bunker”. We invite all Christopher Columbus students to visit The Great Escape Room and we know you will have a great time.

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