Coral Gables residents flip over Burgerlicious Festival

Coral Gables has recently hosted its annual Burgerlicious festival where over 20 different restaurants show off their personal sliders. Restaurants such as Route 9, Shake Shack, and even some smaller places that may not be known for their burgers such as the Café at Books & Books bring their best burgers forward for visitors from all across Miami.
Starting out as a response to decreasing revenue from restaurants, Burgerlicious has expanded tremendously to not only providing the people of Coral Gables with scores of burgers, but also with live entertainment and some friendly competition between businesses. Outside restaurant owners, food critics from the Miami Herald, and Yelp food reviewers come by to judge each restaurants burger to determine the winner of the “Best in Bun” award. The burgers themselves are judged based on the visual look of the burger, in addition to taste and the overall presentation of the food. This year the judges’ vote went to Pincho Factory, but even the regular, everyday burger enthusiasts can vote for their favorite too. And the People Choice Award for the Best in Bun went to Rock Burger. This competition really helps give incentive to spread the people around to each restaurants’ burger station, which allows many people to try out burgers from restaurants that they may not have been to before.
One of these restaurants is Swine Southern Table and Bar, a small restaurant on Ponce De Leon Boulevard that’s been serving Southern style meats and burgers to the people of Coral Gables. Emily Dickens is the Director of Marketing and Events at Swine and she feels that the Burgerlicious festival really helps to “raise awareness [for Swine] and let the people know we’re here”. She also said that a festival like Burgerlicious is necessary in Coral Gables because it’s such a “tightly dense community” and the festival brings all of those people together with local restaurants which allows everyone an equal opportunity to show off their take on a true American delicacy.

By Javier Busto, Fernando Puig, and Rafael Fernandez

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