International Auto Show draws car-lovers to Miami

The Miami International Auto Show has been attracting people to Miami Beach for 44 years to check out the newest designs for future cars, and the 45th year was no different.

The Miami Auto Show was first produced in 1971 by a 65 member Miami Auto Dealers association. The show has since taken off and has become one of the most popular auto shows in Florida, and even believed by some to be the most prestigious in the country.

“The Miami Auto Show is the biggest auto show in Florida,” said Scott Suller, an Associate for Explorer Van Company, “. . . [and] gives all the manufacturers a chance to show their latest products, designs, and functions.” The Auto Show showcases more than a thousand new vehicles from over 40 manufacturers around the world. It showcases luxury cars such as Ferrari and Maserati, while also displaying your more affordable cars like Honda and Kia. It also gives visitors the chance to be further educated about all the different vehicles being displayed by the dealerships and manufacturers.

“This gives [the Explorer Van Company] a tremendous opportunity to show our products to people who couldn’t normally see them,” said Suller. Since the Auto Show is placed in a unique location such as Miami, it brings in a different crowd of people that companies enjoy having. It lets the different manufacturers advertise and market to visitors they couldn’t normally sell their products to. The Auto Show also allows its customers to get unique experiences with the vehicles, and even lets you get behind the wheel of some.

On the main floor of the Auto Show, manufactures come from all around the world to show their latest car designs. The Miami Auto Show allows visitors to climb into those vehicles and see how it feels to be the driver of an extravagant car. Throughout the convention center, hundreds of cars are laid out for people to sit in and take pictures. Dealerships even allow visitors to test drive certain cars, and compare prices, accessories, and functions with other manufacturers. The Auto Show also has a Jeep test course where visitors can drive 2016 Jeep models through an obstacle course consisting of different tests. This event exposes visitors to all types of products from many different brands and models at the Auto Show.

The Miami International Auto Show does a great job of providing a lively atmosphere, while also exhibiting rare and antique cars. It makes the Miami Beach Convention Center a place where people want to go to have a fun time. The Miami Auto Show has many different aspects to make it unique compared to other Auto Shows, and these differences give its visitors a once in a lifetime experience.

Austin Chacon, Danyel De Villiers, Ricky Gomez, and Orlando Hidalgo assisted in the making of this package and story

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