Golden Panthers Weekly: Panthers’ bowl game hopes shattered by Marshall


This seems to be the only word people can think of when reminiscing about FIU’s game on Saturday. The Golden Panthers were demolished by Marshall, and lost the game by a final score of 52-0.

There was no resistance by the FIU defense, and no urgency in the Golden Panthers’ offense.

It was a hot mess from start to finish for FIU against a stout squad. Marshall came out the gates firing, scoring 21 points in the first quarter and 17 more points in the second quarter.

This was not the end of the scoring onslaught; however, in the second half, Marshall scored 14 more points.

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Touching on the offensive struggles, the usual superstar of the game Alex McGough had a horrible game. McGough threw for 98 yards and 1 interception on 11-25 passing. This is hands down his worst game of the season.

Along McGough’s struggles, Alex Gardner didn’t lead the team in rushing yards this game. That makes this the first game all year he didn’t lead the team in that category.

The most receiving yards for the Golden Panther was 45 on 4 receptions by Akil Dan-Fodio, the tight end.

192 fiufoot101914 FIU vs Marshall ADD


These were by far the worst numbers put up by the FIU’s offense all year.

After the loss, FIU’s chances for making a bowl game have gone down, and the chance of a losing season has gone up.

Teams under the .500 win percentage are not bowl eligible, and FIU has fallen short of .500.

This means that they must win next week against Western Kentucky who, just like Marshall was last week, is 8-2.

This game next week is a must win just to be considered for a bowl game and will not be an easy one considering what transpired in the Marshall game this passed Saturday.

But there may have been another motive as to why Marshall played so well.

This game was played on the 45th anniversary one of the most deadly sports-restored tragedy in US history. On November 14th 1970, a flight carrying the Marshall football team and its coaches hit the top of some trees near the runway and crashed on its way home, killing 75 people.

This event shocked the nation and would be a valid purpose to play well for the fallen in that event.

Although FIU didn’t play well, Marshall did have a very noble incentive: play for the ones that came before and couldn’t move forward.

Game prediction: Considering what happened last week, I can’t say that I have the upmost faith in the Golden Panthers this week. I can see them losing the game but not until the second half. I think FIU will score once or twice with a field goal or two in the first half keeping it close, but in the second half Western Kentucky will beat them with sheer physical power and talent.

Final score: Western Kentucky 42 FIU 121

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