Drama Club gets ready for their big event

The Columbus Players strive to make winning for their play “Cave Dream” a reality.

To win or not win was the question all week in the Lawrence Bell Center where the Columbus Players meet everyday as they prep for their competition in Hialeah, Fl on Thursday.

Christopher Columbus High school’s Drama Club has been preparing and perfecting their student directed play “Cave Dream” since September. This play involves everything from homemade costumes to unique techniques called “pantomiming.” To make this play great it took practice, practice, and more practice. The Players wrote, directed, made costumes to make this production one of a kind.

A play just doesn’t happen over night. There was a lot of time and effort put into the one act play. Also, a lot of preparation. “We’re preparing with a lot of rehearsals, rigorous rehearsal. We’re spending a lot of time on this production because it’s for competition,” said Erin McGrath, club moderator and troupe director, on the troupe’s efforts to make the play prize worthy. A troupe like the Columbus Players know what it takes to take “Cave Dream” to the top.

The Players also have invested a lot of their time to make their costumes really “rock!” Cave Dream brought a unique attire to the stage where some of the performers were actually dressed and acted like rocks. “I’ve been doing a lot of research on rocks, seeing how moss grows on them and with that I design costumes based on what actually happens in real life,” said Miguel Corral, costume director, on what I took to make this rock costumes a reality. Corral would always be seen helping the actors put on the costumes, applying makeup and fixing them with his trusty hot glue gun. “I’m very proud on how they came out,” said Corral on his creations.

Exercise and practice are main pieces of this large puzzle. Voice exercise and backstage stretching is vital to the Players’ performance. “We’ve been doing a lot of voice exercises and keeping my voice nice and healthy and my throat clear” said Giovanni Aprigliano, actor, on what he’s doing to prepare for this competition as an actor. Juan Suarez, assistant director, said that “I’ve been preparing for this play by helping the actors by projecting the set, the lighting, calling the show.” The Players stretch out backstage and can be heard saying tongue twisters before practices and performance.

As actors, the Columbus Players need to know how to keep their cool before the big performance . “I’m really confident for Thursday, we have all of our stuff done, the costumes look amazing,” said Corral on how he’s feeling about the competition. Everyone looked extremely confident about the show on Thursday.”I feel really good about Thursday, I think it’s a great production, I think we’re seriously going to give the competition a run for their money,” said McGrath on the high hopes she has for her troupe.

The Columbus Players hope that all of their practice pays off and, are determined to bring back some hardware. Break a leg Explorers!

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