Golden Panthers Weekly: McGough leads FIU to victory past Charlotte

This is what we like to see.

These games are fun to watch, these are the victories that must be won and this is how you win them.

This game was well played from beginning to end. The offense did its job and the defense showed up when it mattered most throughout the game.

This was a conference game and a must win for FIU after losing to their rival last week. This victory improved their conference record to an even 3-3.

The conference games that occur from now through the duration of the season must be won as the season soon comes to a close.

Our usual superstars showed us why they are captains.

Quarterback Alex McGough had what I like to call a professional game. Even when he threw his one and only interception, he came back on the field the next drive and threw his second touchdown.



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McGough threw three touchdowns on the day, completing 27 passes on 42 attempts. His passing game was also set up by the running game, which was spearheaded by running back back Alex Gardner who had 79 yards and 2 touchdowns on 19 carries.

He continues to play solid for the Golden Panthers and helped out by tacking on two touchdowns for the Golden panthers.

But this game was more important to FIU than other and next weeks game is even more important.

With this victory, FIU is one win away from bowl eligibility.

This is has been a big goal for FIU and has driven the players to bring a new winning mentality onto the field. This one win has brought FIU to an even 5-5, and has set the tone for the future of FIU football.




This week coming up, FIU is faced with a real challenge: conference leaders Marshall.

Marshall is 8-2 and has a huge upper hand in this game. Marshall is coming off of their second loss last week against middle Tennessee and will be in no mood to play relaxed. There is no doubt FIU is the underdog, but they have been all season?

Being the team they are, FIU will need to rise to the occasion to get the W. FIU will be given a run for their money but it will prove to be a good game.

Game Prediction: I think FIU will step up big in this game. I see them trying to set the tone early, but Marshall will be the ones starting strong. The Golden Panthers will have a good start, but it will not be with start they need to out play Marshall. FIU will make up for it in the second half, and stay in the game. McGough and Gardner will lead the team in the second half, and keep it close before Marshall pulls away on pure talent.

Final Score: Marshall 35 FIU 24 Marshall.

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