Latest form of transportation takes the nation by storm

Have you ever been too tired to walk somewhere? Many people would give anything to be driven around. As technology advances, it’s starting to look more and more possible every day with a new toy sweeping the nation- the Skywalker.

A Skywalker is a two-wheeled board that gives a look into the future. With no handles and no energy needed to drive it, many believe that it is the real-life hoverboard we’ve all been waiting for. The Skywalker is powered by your two feet- making it easy for anyone to get the full, futuristic experience.

“I first heard about it from friends but also at school,” says Isa Valle-Riestra, a proud Skywalker owner, “but then I saw it recently at Dadeland with some of my family members and we decided to buy it.” The popularity of this new toy has grown exponentially in the past few months, with everyone eager to get in on the action.
“It seems like a really cool, new item that no one else had, and at the same time a lot of celebrities were using it and we felt like it was the new style,” said Valle-Riestra. Starting at $850, the manufacturer, Sky Walkers USA, has made a major profit in its short time producing the boards.

The popularity of the Skywalkers started with celebrities like NBA star J.R. Smith, rapper Wiz Khalifa, and pop sensation Justin Bieber but has trickled down to the entire population, making any common Joe feel like Joe Jonas.

With this much excitement comes liability, however. It reaches a top speed of seven miles per hour and has caused several accidents.

“I was on the Skywalker, and I basically was going really fast on it, and I broke my fibula,” said Columbus junior Alan Blanco. Blanco’s injury is just one of many sustained while riding the hoverboard. “I do regret what I did because of my injury, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do it again because the Skywalker is something very fun to use,” said Blanco.

It is evident the Skywalker was a score among most people, but among some, it is viewed as a waste of time and money. “My opinion on the Skywalker is that its pointless and it’s a waste of money. And I feel as though society should not spend money on that type of product, and they should spend it more on helping those in need,” said Isa Puig, one of those strongly against the Skywalker. “I definitely believe that people should walk and exercise and stay healthy and not buy this product…” continued Puig.

Whether for it or against it, one must acknowledge the innovation of the Skywalker, revolutionizing how we get places and making our lazy dreams finally come true.

Contributors: Luis Gonzalez

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