Columbus trounces Booker T on eventful senior night

The Columbus football team has been dominant all year, but in the penultimate game of the season against Booker T, the Explorers were playing for something beyond their undefeated season: pride.

On Senior night, in a game played in honor of the Class of 2016, the Columbus Explorers obliterated the Booker T Tornadoes by a score of 40-13, improving their record to 9-0. Senior quarterback Alejandro Ros did not need to rack up the gaudy statistics, as his efficient passing (13/17 passing, 173 yards, and 2 TDs, 1 passing and 1 rushing) more than facilitated Columbus’s offensive onslaught against the Tornadoes. The successful evening allows Ros to admire what he and his teammates have accomplished, not just this season, but over the last 4 years.

“It’s special because we have all come a long way…to go through the whole program and grow with [my teammates], it’s an awesome experience,” says Ros. Although the Explorers can not afford to get overly sentimental with the playoffs looming in the near future, it is fitting that the team’s most cohesive victory would come on Senior night. Just as the team came together, the families of the Explorers also came together to appreciate all that their sons have accomplished over the last four years.

“Columbus has helped Alejandro grow both academically and socially…it’s a wonderful school for boys,” says Ibis Ros, the mother of the star quarterback. Mrs. Ros has watched her son rise from a promising freshman to a noteworthy member of a successful Senior class. Like all of the mothers – and fathers and sisters and brothers – Mrs. Ros can take pride not only in her son’s individual growth, but in her son’s contributions to the team as well.

Looking ahead now, the Explorers will close out their regular season with a game against rival Coral Gables High School. However, no matter the result, the Explorers will be competing in the playoffs, looking to redeem their loss in last year’s state final. If the team can play like the cohesive unit seen against Booker T, the sky is the limit for these young athletes.

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