West coast burger joint finds new home in South Florida

MIAMI, FL — It seems like a new burger restaurant is on the move as the East coast is introduced to a West coast “American Style” food staple.

“The Habit Burger Grill”, a new restaurant opening in Miami is bringing a new look to burgers in South Florida. This 40-year-old business has been based and brought up from the California and spreading throughout the country. But what makes this burger restaurant stand out from the rest?

Having several competitors around the country, The Habit separates themselves from major fast food restaurants when it comes to quality. According to the restaurant’s very own website, it says, “ USDA Choice Tri-trip Steak is trimmed and marinated in-house; Lettuce, tomatoes, and onions are cut fresh daily.” With its open flame kitchen visible from anywhere, it allows the customers to see what is being done to their burgers and how it’s being done.

What usually makes or breaks a restaurant lies heavily on customer service. With competitors like “Fuddruckers” and “Five Guys”, The Habit seems to stand out from the rest of them. “The waitresses were very good about discussing the items on the menu, letting me know what were very popular,” said Kaci Gadson (first time customer). Employees constantly walking around the restaurant, making sure customers were satisfied with their meals, and even offers to refill your drinks! (I bet at Five Guys that doesn’t happen).

With a modern and home-feel look, it’s appealing to the customers to want to eat at such a “urban hip” place. Having a variety of seating arrangements, allows customers to sit wherever and however they want throughout the store. From tables outside to even high tables, everyone of all styles are able to eat in their own comfort.

Having been in the business for nearly 40 years, The Habit has clearly looked towards the outlook for their work on burgers. The future seems quite obvious, as the company expands to the other side of the country. “I see the future being bright, more locations in Florida and on the East coast,” said Kaitlin Sims, employee at The Habit. “I see a food truck at least locally in the area, catering, and other events we can do for the community,” said Sims.

Interested in finding out about The Habit? The restaurant address is 9971 West Flagler St., located in a brand new shopping center. Open Sunday’s-Thursday’s from 10:30 am – 10 pm, and Friday’s-Saturday’s from 10:30 am – 11 pm.

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