Golden Panthers Weekly: Golden Panthers destroy Old Dominion 41-12, prepare for rivalry game versus FAU


With the win FIU improves to 4-4, and moves to third in the conference USA-east standings.

There are several games behind the number one team, Marshall, and 4 games behind the number two team, Western Kentucky.

This upcoming week, FIU plays a conference game against Florida Atlantic University. FAU is a disappointing 1-6 but a bitter rival to the Golden Panthers.

FAU has scored 20 points or less in there last 6 games, while FIU has scored 20 or more points in there last three games.

When scoring more than 20 points FIU is 3-2, and against a struggling Owls’ defense it is highly likely they score 20 points or more. This game is very winnable and looks to be a blow out.


FAU has also lost every conference game they have played this year, another sign that a win should be imminent for FIU.

And if this week taught Golden Panther fans anything, it is that if this team comes in with with a killer mentality they can beat inferior opponents.

Game prediction: I expect a blowout. The Golden Panthers will have a great start to the game, and shoot out of the gates at the beginning of this game. After going into the half overconfident; however, FAU will come back. The Owls will try and catch up, but the deficit and late game scoring will be to much to over come. Alex McGough is going to have a similar game to last week, and will help win this football game.

Final Score: FIU 42 FAU 18.


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