Columbus Black Belt gives back to those who gave to him

High school is high school. A time for young adults, or elder teens, to identify themselves and where they are in their social niche. A time where one could finally surpass his insecure, developing adolescent self.

 Among the vast persona and social niches within the Columbus student body, one that stood out, was  Junior, John Borgo.  Although seemingly reserved, Borgo’s social niche requires aggression, perseverance, but most importantly, self-control. John Borgo found his niche; Borgo is a competitive Mixed Martial Artist.

Starting early at the young age of four, Borgo trained with Sensei Kevin Cardona at Miami Karate. Working his way up, he competed in multiple local tournaments, placing in each and every one. Sensei Cardona, Borgo’s teacher, spoke on how John, “competed in a tournament with a broken arm and still placed third overall.” Doing so is no easy feat.

Claiming to be a, “shy, introverted person,” Borgo says that due to his caring, helpful instructors, he was able to come out of his shell. As time passed, Borgo inevitably earned a black belt in, Gōjū-ryū a sister to Tae Kwon Do. He knew this wasn’t his finale. John decided to give back to the place that made him who he was in the best way he knew possible, teaching the next students.

“I knew the only way I could give back was to help a new generation with the same care and dedication that my masters and peers gave me,” said Borgo.  Cardona complimented Borgo on his integrity, patience, and genuine care for his students- noting that John comes an hour and a half early to every class, everyday, to go over his teaching lessons or to teach kids who are struggling with their technique.  Mr. Miyagi, himself, would be proud. Wax on, wax off Borgo-san.

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