3rd Annual RocknRun supports cancer victims

It is said that nothing brings people together more than a common goal.  This was definitely the case as hundreds of people came together for the third annual RockNRun, with one goal in mind.

It was six in the morning on October 4th when people started gathering at the Temple Beth AM Yulman Campus, and began to register and receive their bibs. We all came together with the goal of raising general awareness for Breast and Ovarian Cancer. All proceeds of this event went straight to organizations helping fund cancer research. Looking through the crowds there was a widespread spectrum of people ranging from small kids to senior citizens, and even a few dogs.

But not everyone there was directly affected by this disease, as others stood tall supporting all those in the middle of the fight of their lives. Although many were simply people in the community who wanted to support, there were those with a story behind their fire.

Not much time passed before the event was on its way starting with an upbeat cardio warm up, and a short description of the foundation’s mission. Soon after, the runners lined up the rockers meet up and the event was in full swing. The day was full of talks from a motivational speaker that had been through the pain of taking care of his mom, while cancer took her from his hands.

“It helped us really to be a family. When you realize that you’re not more powerful then this thing, and you take every moment,”said J. Marcus. Marcus, creator of Video Sync, told his story to all the rockers, all while leading them in a upbeat dancing seminar. He explained the pain of losing his mother at such a young age, what it was like to see her slowly drift away and how he held her hand every day till she passed.

Not only did he share his pain but he told of how he stayed strong, and fought through it, not for himself but for his mom. He ended his rock with a message to not mourn those who have passed but to celebrate their lives and fight for a cure. It wasn’t just the rockers who had a story though. Matthew Alfonso, RocknRun runner, ran for his sister. Alfonso’s sister, Kimberly, has been fighting ovarian cancer for over five years.

He runs in hopes of soon finding a cure for his sister. He wasn’t running alone though. “Three Columbus boys that are my friends ran with me today and honestly they put their hearts into it. Every second they were thinking about ovarian cancer and breast cancer,” said Alfonso. Alfonso and his family ran with his fellow Columbus brothers who had come out to support Kimberly in her five year battle. It was a long day of running, walking and rocking, for a goal that was well worth running for.

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