Raven runs to forget his past

Raven runs to forget his past

Running to the beat of his heart and the rhythm of the waves, Raven runs to clear his mind from the betrayal.

Growing up in Miami Beach, Robert “Raven” Kraft was never the wealthiest person. His home was simple and his surroundings plain, but his dreams were larger than life. “I wanted to be famous,” said Raven. “I wanted to write and produce music that would top the charts.”

His aspirations took him to Nashville, Tennessee as a young man. He surrounded himself with country music to inspire his own creativity. Once the song came to him, he wrote it but failed to patent the rights to his own work. Another artist, he refused to say whom, recorded the song, and it became a hit. “I was waiting for that one song that would support me for the rest of my life. That song was stolen from me.”

Raven moved back to Miami Beach to try and piece his life back together. Upon returning, he joined a gym in an attempt to clear his mind. The everyday run became a routine for him and a tradition was born. “His heart will always be in the music, but running has changed him for the better. It’s a coping mechanism for him, and others see running as their release too,” said Pricilla Ferguson Forthman, Raven’s girlfriend.

Seeming as though fate has a plan, Raven did become famous but in a very different way. After years of running the same path, Raven drew a crowd of curious people that ran along with him. However, what started out as curiousity became a more eye-opening experience. “It’s given me time to take a look at my life and think about what I need to improve upon,” said Ricardo de la Osa, a runner for nine years.

“Everyday is a record with you Raven!” yelled one bystander, as Raven ran past with his group following behind. Raven describes the group that has formed around him as a “community of crazies.” “It’s just people that want to forget their struggles.” Over 115,000 miles later, it seems Raven has created more than just a community. He has created a village of crazies that want to move forward with their lives, or is it more like run¬†forward?

Juan Ortega, Gabriel Gonzalez, and Austin Chacon contributed to the production of this package

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