Leader returns home, impacts teammates

Three year letter, varsity starter as a sophomore, state recognized defensive back. These are only a few of statements that highlight the impressive high school career of Austin Chacon.

Chacon was a part of the 2014 state runner up Explorers team that went far but fell short to Apopka High School. Chacon was as devastated, as any player would be losing the championship game by just one  touchdown.

Once the time of sadness was over, Chacon had a conversation with his mother, Annie Cabrera, about transferring schools and playing for a high school in Gainesville, while living with his father, Willie. His mother didn’t want to tamper with his happiness, and she felt this change would better his high school career. It seemed like an easy decision. But soon Chacon realized the difference between the big city feel of Miami and the rural country side that is Gainesville.

He played the spring season up in Gainesville, and could feel the difference of the two places. It wasn’t only the difference between the cities, but the difference in the football. He felt his heart was where home was, where the family was. It was to hard not being with his mother and his brother. He didn’t feel the same wholesome community feeling he felt with Columbus, and one Mother’s Day he called home and told Annie– “I want to come home.”

As a mother she was elated, but she wanted to make sure this was a lasting decision so he could get not only the best education but also the best opportunities on the football field. She asked her son one last time if he was absolutely positive of his decision, and he promptly answered– “I’m coming home mom”.

Chacon came back to Miami in the middle of summer, giving him plenty of time to work with the team that was his family once again–the Explorers.

Video Produced by David Perez and Phillip Bootsma.

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