Golden Panthers Weekly: Golden Panthers overlook UMass in 10 point loss

“It’s disappointing.”

This was an accurate closing statement from FIU head coach Ron Turner, regarding the Golden Panther’s performance against UMass. This was another game that was lost by carless defense. There seemed to be no urgency in the team, resulting in their second loss in two games.

This was another game where an average performance by quarterback Alex McGough just wasn’t enough. McGough finished the game with 115 passing yards on 22-34 completed passes and touchdown.

These numbers were nothing compared to UMass quarterback Blake Frohnapfel; however, who threw for 363 yards and three touchdowns.

As an FIU fan, you know there is an issue with your passing game when your running back is leading your team with 58 receiving yards. Out of all the wide receivers the closest to running back Alex Gardner were wide receivers Julian Williams, who put forth a mere 24 receiving yards.

This stat seems to symbolize FIU’s season thus far.

It was evident that FIU came into this game thinking they should have little issue beating UMass, and had a shot to win in a blowout fashion.

Despite this mindset, the Golden Panthers were simply not able to handle the Minutemen’s offensive firepower.

The lack of preparation was apparent from the start, and UMass scored the first touchdown of the game before holding FIU to only seven points in the first half.

The Minutemen continued to score throughout the matchup, and capitalized on all of FIU’s mistakes.

If the Golden Panthers want to win moving forward, they need to come out with a hard working mentality and out work the opponent.

At the end of this week the Golden Panthers will play the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). This is another game where FIU is favored by 13 points, but the Golden Panthers cannot come in overconfident.

UTEP lost last week by a very large margin, and should come out with energy as they look to outplay FIU.

Game prediction: FIU comes out of the gates strong and scores a couple of touchdowns early. They should go into the half with the lead, and relax in the second half. UTEP will then come back, and it will come down to how well McGough can perform in the fourth quarter. It will go down to the wire, but FIU comes out on top, moving their record to 3-3.

Final Score: FIU 21 UTEP 10

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