Columbus distinguishes its own way of community service

Community service is a mandatory requirement at all schools around Florida, but how does it differ at Christopher Columbus High School?

In order for high school students all over the state of Florida to graduate, they need to have completed 100 hours of community service. Here at Columbus, the goal is the same, yet the acceptable forms of service differ.

In the eyes of many Explorer students, the call to Christian service is very important to them. “Christian service has changed my life because it exposed me to new people, and it shows me that in Miami there are a lot of people who are in need and Christian service is a great way to help them,” said senior Alex Santana.

Most people in other schools around the state of Florida don’t take this call to service as seriously. “Most students in public school don’t do this for the reason we do. They simply do this just to check off a box for their graduation requirement.” said Brother Tom Long, the Christian Service Director at Columbus High.

Columbus High’s mission statement is to make Jesus Christ made known and loved. This statement appeals to the students but also the faculty members at the school. Teachers and faculty also come together to participate in Christian service by Marist in Mission, which help those in the community who are in need. “ What we have done thru the last couple years thru Marist in Mission is that we have made food for the homeless in our community.” said Mr. David Pugh, Principal at Christopher Columbus High School.

A majority of the students participate in Christian service projects with an open mind. They don’t just go for the requirement but with a goal to help others and to get closer to God. This is very important to many of the students at Columbus High, because it is what they believe in and think that is right. “If you go with an open mind, and you enjoy what you’re doing to help the community, you will get the most out of it. To me this is what matters the most.” said Brother Tom.
Christian Service can be done in many ways to serve the community. But Columbus High sure does seem to get the message on the true meaning of what it is. These students don’t just graduate with knowing that they have completed 100 hours of Christian service. They each graduate with a sense of knowing that what they have done to help the community can be what some people in other schools take for granted.

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