Tides change at Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool has always been a tourist attraction. However, some changes have been made that have left regular visitors at odds.

A few years ago the pool staff removed the diving boards for safety reasons, and now the pool is being closed and then drained during the winter season. This is seen as a problem to some of the workers at the pool who say that tourists from around the world come mostly during winter. “Everyone has come to see the pool, and it’s empty…it looks like a quarry”, said volunteer Sonia Dallas, and joked that she was a “fighting advocate” to keep the pool open year round.

Still there’s some who see the changes as a positive. Aquatic Supervisor, Jose Vilar, said that the changes made by the newer management were “mostly for the better”. While the changes have taken away some attractions in the pool, it does improve the safety with many more lifeguards and is more open for newcomers who may not be skilled swimmers.

In addition to removing some risks such as the diving boards, Venetian Pool now also offers volunteer-taught classes to learn how to swim for people young and old. This attracts many newcomers to Venetian who want to learn how to swim in both basic and advanced levels, and according to Vilar, has brought in many new families.

While these changes may be a problem for some of the old-time visitors, new arrivals seem to have no issue with this. Husband and father Ulises Chang brought his son to the pool for the first time for his birthday. Chang, a long time resident of Coral Gables, had always found the pool to be an interesting place, but never got around to visiting it.  “[The Pool] is amazing, it has a beautiful set-up and facilities for families to have fun with their children,” said Chang.

By Javier Busto and Marcos Cibran.

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