S.A.C. team evolves, looks toward future

It seems like this school year is starting off with exciting events, but who’s in charge of all the “fun”?

The S.A.C. club at Christopher Columbus High School had a major change this year as Mr. Alex Ibarra has stepped down, after six years of service. The position has now been passed down to Mrs. Anneris Cedeño (S.A.C. Coordinator) and Mrs. Kenia Gonzalez (S.A.C. Assistant Coordinator). And after having the annual “Beach Bash”, new and old club members are already seeing a difference.

Sophomore Nicholas Estrada has also seen more school spirit from this past Beach Bash event. “Well last year we didn’t have the big Instagram cutouts (shown above), so we didn’t really have much interaction between S.A.C. and the partygoers,” said Estrada. This is his first year being in S.A.C. and seems to already to be making a difference.

Second-year S.A.C. member Lyndon Simmons (Senior) sees a positive pulse towards the future of S.A.C. “The new moderators have been great in my opinion, they’ve given us a lot of responsibilities and have allowed us to be more hands on with activities,” said Simmons. He also believes that student members of the club now have a strong grip on spreading school spirit.

“This one was absolutely important,” said Simmons. “This Beach Bash was most important because I am a senior, making it my last one. I love serving others and seeing freshmen enjoy and having fun at this event, especially since I was in their shoes just a couple of years ago.”

The theme of difference seems to follow along Mrs. Kenia Gonzalez; she has adjusted to teaching only boys, after having taught 14-years at co-ed schools. She now hopes to implement her experiences of school spirit with Columbus. “I’d like for the pep rallies to be more festive, decorated, and have a variety of events to get the students involved,” said Gonzalez.

Homecoming is a popular event in all high schools across the country, from the game to the dance. “We have also ordered shirts for all grade levels to match this school year’s theme of NeonNation, the shirts will be color-coordinated according to grade level. The decorations for homecoming will also be neon colored,” said Gonzalez.

“We are going to have a homecoming pep rally which hasn’t been done in recent years since I’ve been here, to get kids excited and pumped up for the homecoming game and dance,” said Gonzalez.

The dance will be held at The Dadeland Marriott on Friday, October 16.  Tickets are already being sold at the S.A.C. office.

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