Columbus and OnCampus: New software, new innovations

With the new school year on the rise, new changes to the way the classrooms are conducted are coming to light. While the past years have had many different services to complement Columbus’s iPad policy, this year the administration has invested in a uniform solution to optimize the way student turn in assignments and check grades. This new service, OnCampus, may have a bit of a learning curve, but many believe it to be beneficial in the long run.

Teacher Charles Frazier was quite adamant about the service saying “We had showbie, the net classroom, and calendar now everything is in one place.” All these programs have be hybridized together to form the all-in-one system that OnCampus offers. With this new service, where does the heart of the school, the student body, fit in?

Many students have had a hard time adjusting, but more and more are seeing the benefits. “It’s just better” commented sophomore Enrique Ribas. “It’s just more convenient that everything’s all in the same place and it’s just easier to work with,” he stated.

“These learning management systems exist to make our lives easier as teachers, also as students” said Spanish teacher Anneris Cedeño. Cedeño was one of the lucky teachers who was able to demo the new OnCampus service and has since become quite proficient with the program. When asked why she felt the school switched services, she responded with “I think it was in an effort to look for something that was a one stop shop.”  She feels that the new service is very user friendly and much more versatile than previous software’s.  

The service has been noted by teachers for its much more manageable interface and greater assignment flexibility. “We look like we know what we’re doing, ya’ know, we know what we’re talking about” she explained.  The longer student and teachers are interacting and acquainting themselves on the on the software, the more streamlined the education process will no doubt become.


Video Produced By: Rafael Fernandez, Hans Rueckschnast, and Matthew Rembold.

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