Robert Is Here continues to serve after 55 years


Robert is Here is a market that has been open for 55 years with a tremendous backstory.

Robert Moehling, the owner/creator of Robert is Here, has been into the fruit-selling business ever since he was 6 years old. “It was a Saturday, and [my dad] put me out there [selling cucumbers],” said Moehling. After a hard day at work and no sales, Moehling’s dad was wondering the reason ¬†why his 6 year-old son is not selling the cucumbers. Then it came to him.

“My dad figured maybe no one saw me,” said Moehling. “They didn’t see me, they didn’t stop, so [my dad] drew up a big sign saying ROBERT IS HERE. I sold out the next day,” the proud Moehling added.

One thing Moehling loves about his market is the laid-back, family feeling. Moehling has many of his family members working there: including his wife and his son Robert Moehling Jr., who has taken his job very seriously since he was 11 years old. “My dad started us off just as kids washing blenders, working the way up to garbage man, slowly up to stock boy, then behind the counter,” said Moehling Jr.

The environment around Robert is Here is second to none. “We like to have a relationship with our customers. Cyclists have been coming by for years,” said Moehling Jr. “It’s not just a place where you buy a Gatorade; it’s kind of just a cool place to come by and see [Robert] and his family. Being family owned and family run business, you are not ‘just a customer,’ you are helping us pay for our homes and helping us out on a daily basis,” Moehling Jr. later added.

Moehling has several rules, goals for him and his employees to apply to their jobs at all times. These are rules that Moehling has learned growing up and continues to pass on to everyone around him. “Keep the quality the best that it could possibly be,” said Moehling. “There’s 3 basic rules in business no matter what you are doing: honesty, integrity, and hard work,” Moehling later added.

Robert is Here is now closed until early November and the Moehling family will be going through some renovations before it opens. In the meantime, the Moehling family will support one of their boys as he starts his college football season in Kentucky.

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