Political Profile: Bernie Sanders

In the upcoming primaries for the Presidential election, not a lot has been reported about presidential hopeful Bernard “Bernie” Sanders. Sanders is a registered independent and is running as a Democrat and is considered Hilary Clinton’s only real challenger in next year’s election.

Sanders boasts a an impressive political record. Before being elected to Congress, he served as the mayor of Vermont’s largest city, Burlington, from 1981 to 1989. Two years later, in 1991 he was elected to the House of Representatives and was in office until 2007 when he was elected to the Senate where he currently serves.


Individual Rights

When it comes to individual rights issues, Sanders has remained consistent on his views. He is pro-choice, for example. Unlike many candidates, however, he has consistently supported his view points in his voting record. Whenever a bill comes to the Senate floor that restricts a woman’s right to choose he consistently votes no. The same can be said when the topic of same-sex marriage is brought up. He voted no on a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage and again voted no constitutionally defining marriage as one-man-one-woman according to On the Issues.


Domestic Issues

Sanders follows a lot of democrats when it comes to the controversial Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Sanders believes that healthcare is a right not a privilege and has frequently shown support for Obamacare. Just as important to Sanders is green energy. He voted no on barring the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases and yes on tax incentives for energy production and conservation.


Economic Issues

Sanders sports a very leftist view on many economic issues. He strongly believes in higher taxation of the upper class. He voted no on the eliminating the Estate Tax and no on making the Bush tax cuts permanent. One strong point that Sanders prides himself on is his denial of money from large corporations and super PACs. On Sanders official site+ he states, “Freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to buy the United States government. Oil companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, Wall Street bankers and other powerful special interests have poured money into our political system for years.”


Hillary Clinton is the popular candidate in this election, but that doesn’t make her the best candidate. Bernie Sanders is worth a second look.

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