Will leaders emerge for the Explorers?

In a competitive environment, effective leadership is an imperative component to the success of a team. In order to achieve goals, a leader is needed to inspire, motivate, and impact others.

After the loss of over forty seniors, including four team captains, the varsity football team is in search of new leaders to step up as spring football has officially begun. Linebackers’ Coach Juan Moscoso has been challenging members of his team to embrace the significance of this role. “We need someone to step up. I’m not sure if we have found our leader yet, but that will come in time,” said Moscoso.

Although captains have yet to be declared, upcoming seniors, Alejandro Ros and Dean Maestu, have taken the initiative of being the so called “guys”. “As leaders, we need to teach and help the younger kids to get better” said Maestu. Ros, who is projected to be the starting quarterback, also chimed in saying “that is why spring football is so important to us.”

Last season, a team with very little talent thrived off of senior leadership. This years team has way more talent than the last, but does it have right guys to take them to the promise land? We’ll have to wait and see.

Being a leader is a challenging thing to do. But what many people don’t understand is that leaders do not always need to be vocal, they simply need to lead by example. Whether they’re the first ones in line to start a drill or listening to their coaches, leaders will be noticed. Moscoso also added that leadership can come from any player on the team not only just from seniors. The question is, who is it going to be?

As the regular season approaches, the team will be in constant search of level minded individuals that will make a definite impact on Columbus football and hopefully bring back a state title to the school.

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