Seniors reflect On their time at Columbus

High school can have a different meaning based on the person you ask. For some it is a blessing, others a curse, but high school is definitely one thing–a step into the real world and a way to learn about how life works.

Columbus High School emphasizes many ideals but the one ideal it tries to stress is brotherhood. Whether it’s a classmate, teacher or administrator, Columbus High School has a bond that extends beyond the classroom. When asked how to describe high school in one word, seniors used words like “ brotherly, long, fun, etc.” showing that everyone has a different look on high school. Seniors have experienced a growth in both their mental and physical being, and have probably tried to discover or have obtained the qualities that they believe have defined who they are.

Seniors have had to learn a lot in four years, whether it was ways to solve math problems or how to solve every day problems. When asked about being a senior, Ramon Madrigal said “ I’ve learned a lot at Columbus, but I think the thing I’ve gained the most is the family I’ve made; I have a lot more brothers now.”

Of course being a senior has changed in the last few years as Mr. Linfors, a teacher and former Columbus student has stated. He talked about his experiences saying “ Obviously things have changed, when I was senior prom was almost a completely different experience and grad bash was more grad day then anything, one thing that I do remember was the friends that I made and the opportunities that Columbus gave me.” Many teachers and staff are former Columbus students showing how well Columbus has shaped their lives.

Four years may seem like a long time, but high school happens very quickly, it brings about new friendships and new philosophies. Friends become brothers, bonds are formed that last a life time and Columbus high school gains yet another amazing graduating class that will be part of the great traditions and ideals that this school has brought about.

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