2015 CCNN Live seniors make history with teamwork

The year 2014 was a great year for CCNN Live as they traveled to the Student Television Network Convention (STN) for the first time and placed third in the nation in a national competition. They hosted the first ever CCNN Live Media Excellence Awards, and they took care of business at the state level as well as they dominated the competition in Orlando. Many thought that team would be the last of its kind considering how many seniors left and that the following year would be a rebuilding project. That left the 2015 seniors with one goal: carry the legacy or be forgotten.

In professional sports, athletes are motivated from criticism they hear from the outside. It was the same for the 2015 Seniors who were told by their moderators and the leaving class that they wouldn’t be better then the one that preceded them. This class isn’t have the individuals that the 2014 squad did, they were more of a whole team. The chemistry between the boys of CCNN Live was something out of this world, some would call it a brotherhood. The chemistry proved strong when tested in San Diego, California, where they would go to make history.

Not only did this class reach the standard and got to where the team before them did, they surpassed. They placed first nationally at the state level at STN, they swept at the state level where teams were chanting “Beat Columbus”. It is now this class which is being referred to as “The Greatest CCNN Live Team Of All Time”. This class will be receiving their national championship rings in mid-June concluding a journey that had its high and lows. Now the storyline is reset for the 2016 CCNN Live seniors: Carry the legacy like the ones before you. Every class however seems to do that these days so the 2015 Seniors should enjoy the their time in the spotlight because as they say in the CCNN studio, “We don’t rebuild, we reload”.

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