Man finds help through dark times

Every man has one job when it comes to his family, but only some people can hold strong when they struggle to complete this task.

Favio Rivera was born and raised nearby in Miami Springs where he spent his childhood. He went to Miami Springs high where he would soon meet his wife, when they met in college at the University of Miami. They married when they got out of college, and in 2007 they had there first child, followed by their second child in 2008.

Rebecca, their older child however was born with autism. Favio describes autism as “ having a stomach ache,like something was settling right. its hard to pay attention and it kinda takes over what you are trying to do. Now just imagine being at a fair having this with all the lights and noises, but you are having a conversation during this.”  This is something that Favio describes as what his daughter goes through every day.

For the couple it was one of the hardest things they went through during their young marriage. They first noticed when Rebecca was about 17 to 18 months, when she was very verbal, but started to regress in vocal skills. At first they though that she was trying to take attention away from her younger sister, but as soon as they noticed, they immediately went and had her tested. Having an autistic child changed their lives completely.

Midway through 2014, Rivera was fired from his job, which his family was not prepared for. Not going to work was very emotional for him, as he felt he was the provider. He was the one who brought home a check. With Rebecca’s treatment being so expensive, it was especially hard for the family.

But help came for the family, as their local church, Crossbridge in Miami Springs, came to support them. During this time, Rivera said that he learned most of all to trust in God. The community showed an overwhelming support for the family, as they provided for not only their every day needs, but also for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries. His friends also found him small jobs, so he would be able to earn some type of income.

The Riveras story shows how the power of God and community can help one make it through a very difficult time.

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