Miami’s top three pizza restaurants

On Sunday, The Three “Amigops” (Matthew Ley, Andrew Amengor, and Jake Gonzalez), went on an adventure in search of the best pizza in Miami and came back with Miami’s top three pizza places.

Coming in third place in the Amigops’s Pizza Rating is: Mellow Mushroom. Mellow Mushroom was founded in 1974, but it was only in the past couple years that the Mushroom has made a home at Sunset Place.

There are a few reasons that Mellow Mushroom in third place. The mellow feeling from the mellow mushrooms seems to have affected the whole staff. Hopefully, you are equally as affected by this or you may feel like you have been waiting for an eternity for a pizza to arrive. The variety of the toppings and sauces does make up for some of the wait; however, as their menu offers complex combinations like: the Mega-Veggie, Funky Q. Chicken, and the Mellowterranean. Just as the theme suggests, their wide variety of mushroom-related pizza is amazing. Matthew Ley was shocked that there were so many different mushroom toppings and cheeses. So, if you aren’t a mushroom person, this place may not be your number one either; but just because it’s our number three doesn’t mean it’s the worst spot in town- far from it.

Coming in second is Frankie’s Pizza. Established back in 1955 and named after its founder Frank B. Pasquarella, it is known as Miami’s oldest pizza shop. This local pizza place, which is located just around the corner on Bird road and 91st avenue, makes you feel right at home once you walk through the doors. Andrew Amengor greatly admired its old fashion feel; from the decor of the restaurant, to the classic soda cans and bottles, to even their old fashion menu. Andrew said, “this place is right on the money for classiness.”

Another reason that Frankie’s is number two is the fact that the pizza is made right in front you, so that you can see the entire process.

The phrase “World’s Finest Italian Pizza” is plastered throughout the walls and on the side of the building as well, but that seems to be a bit of a stretch. However, Andrew said after the first bite, the pizza is certainly one for the books. The pizza altogether has a rich tomato sauce taste, with a toasted Cuban bread base accompanied by little pieces of parmesan cheese that adds on to its already unique flavor. Frankie’s is a definitely a place we will be going to again soon.

And finally, coming in first place is: Casola’s. Since it opened in 1982 it has been making delicious and fresh pizza for Miami. Most people go to pizza places looking for a whole pizza, but trust us- one slice at Casola’s will fill any empty stomach.

Another reason Casola’s is number one is their countless toppings that suit any pizza, and is sure to satisfy any pizza enthusiast. Its Italian style pizza is cooked to a light crunch that is never burnt, and melted cheese that slowly comes off the pizza.

Jake went there an ordered one slice with everything, and when we say everything, we mean it. The one slice of pizza was so large it took up a whole tray and was loaded with so many ingredients Jake ran from the kitchen pick up spot to the family friendly dining area.

So whether you’re coming back from the beach, or just stopping by for a quick bite, Casola’s is the pizza place to be in Miami.

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