2015 STN Convention

With more than 2700 students and 161 schools, this year’s STN convention had no shortage of competition. However, STN offers more than competition. STN offers students classes to get better and the opportunity to meet Media professionals.

This year’s convention had more than 20 competitions, 19 individual competitions and 4 team competitions respectively. STN provides the perfect place for student journalists to compare themselves to other student journalists. Schools from Washington to Florida and even one school from Russia. Clearly, this was an event that drew participants from across the nation.

Despite the competition, STN provides the perfect place to make friends. Going to the convention means that you will be surrounded by thousands of like minded individuals who all the have the same passion for Film and TV as you do. Friendships are the only thing being made however. Media professionals lead classes and workshops which allows students to not only learn but get that crucial foot in the door at many TV stations and film companies.

CCNN participated in 6 different competitions this year including Crazy 8’s which gives the schools the task of preparing a news show within an 8 hour time constraint. CCNN placed 1st in the Nation in this competition as well as placing 1st in Commentary, 2nd in Commercial and Spot Feature, and 3rd in Tell the Story.

The 2015 STN convention was a resounding success not only for CCNN Live but for everyone who attended. The connections made and the friendships made prove it. San Diego was an amazing host city and provided the perfect scenery. The challenge for all of the schools is to go into the 2016 convention in Atlanta better than they were in 2015.

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