Hispanicize takes over downtown Miami

Over the last week the iconic Hispanicize took place in downtown Miami. Hispanicize is the largest annual even for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers. This reaches out to journalism, blogging, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship. This event gathered more than 2,100 of the nation’s most influential latino professionals over five days, for workshops speakers, red carpet events, parties and even concerts.

Hispanicize has grown since its first year in 2010, where they had just about 264 attendees; over the last few years, the event has grown into something more than just showcasing products. Some of these products included some key named companies including Home Depot, Scion, and most notably, Coca-Cola. These companies led some of the bigger workshops which included discussions on how to live a happier life, and talks about how “latinos are the pillars of our communities.” Other companies such as Toyota and 3M have become regular sponsors setting their own booths at the event.

While there are many key name companies at the event, they are not the only ones who partake in the event. Several small companies and business owners in the latin community attend the Hispanicize events to grow.  One such person is Claudia Solis who launched a Spanish-Language blog called “Mami en Transicion,” as well as runs a website called twin Minds Media.

Hispanicize seems like it will be an event that will grow in the city of Miami, around the latin community that populates the city.

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