Field Day unites all classes

Change has always been a part of Christopher Columbus High School, whether it’s the new Wellness Center or the new 21st Century Classroom, but sometimes its best to go back to old the old traditions, and that’s exactly what happened during field day.

In the past, freshman have always had their own field day, to have them make new friends or get into the spirit of joining a new school, but now the school has brought back a day for the entire student body filled with games, sports and overall fun.

Field day started off with homeroom, where students were designated to go to numerous spots to either play outdoor activities, ipad games or even some made-up game that teachers or faculty have invented. Christian Asmar, a senior, said “Its definitely a different feeling, freshman field day was still in the beginning of my freshman year and I was still new to Columbus, now as a senior I know a lot of the teachers and staff and it makes it that much more enjoyable.”

This day wasn’t just for the students, as the teachers also participated in the festivities. It took the teachers and staff time and effort to make sure field day was as fun and organized as possible. Mr. Pugh had a great experience, as this was his first school field day as principal. “This is a great tradion here at Columbus High School, we haven’t had it for years and we’ve wanted to bring it back for a while. At the end of the day this is what its all about, 9-12th grade coming out as a band of brothers and enjoying the day.”

Even the teachers who helped plan and make the event go smoothly enjoyed the field day. Mr Linfors, not only a teacher but also an alumnus, never experienced a field day during his school experience and said “I think field day is a great thing, I never had one but I would have loved to play football, or baseball with my classmates, it would have been a great day and seeing all the students relax and have fun made it all worth it.”

When it was time to go home students were filled with excitement and ease, since not only was the day over, but they were able to spend it doing fun activities and participating in a event that will hopefully once again be a long lasting tradition.

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