Miami Beach Concours is “must go”

The beauty of the automotive culture is a constantly growing community of car enthusiasts who each have one thing in common: a passion that they never get “too old” for or “grow out of”.

One of the best places to see said car enthusiasts is at any car meet, but you’ll get the best of the best at concourses. The first ever Miami Beach Concours is the prime example of the mix of all ages in the local automotive scene. At events like these you can see the 70 year old man who every one finds far too old to drive talking to a 20 year old youngster about his favorite cars throughout history as they both detail their multimillion dollar cars.

These concourses aren’t for anyone though, unlike a car meet where you find great garage builds and self made custom cars, a concours has very strict and specific guidelines. These guidelines can put an age limit on the cars, yes an age limit. In some of the biggest concourses your car must be no newer than late 1970’s unless they’re collectibles of this era (Bugatti, McLaren P1, La Ferrari, Lamborghini Veneno, Porsche 918, and many others) to some it may seem ridiculous, but to others (me) its perfect.

You get the perfect mixture of car enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of such rarities and their timeless designs. The best part is that you get to talk to the owners about their “prides and joys” as if you were their closest friend because they all share the same passion.

Walking across the beautiful greens of the golf courses ties all the beauty together too. Its not just about the scenery, environment, friendship, and passion, but the over all experience. Even to those who aren’t into cars, these concourses are events you wouldn’t want to miss; events like these have to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. So the next time an opportunity comes along to go to a concours, go to it, you will not leave unsatisfied.

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