Good Cop, Bad Cop comes to Columbus theater

The lights in the Lawrence Bell Media Center were blazing hot, the actors backstage were going over their lines, and in the audience was murmuring about what this Columbus Drama production would be about.

The Columbus Drama Club recently performed their spring production, “Good Cop, Bad Cop”, a play about two cops, who have to find the culprit behind switched street signs. The play is a contrast from the last drama production, “Deus Ex”, in both its tone and plot.

The darkness and seriousness of “Deus Ex” is not found anywhere in “Good Cop, Bad Cop”. Mrs Mcgrath commented on this change of style saying “It’s a different type of show, it contrasts Deus Ex in that this is a comedy, giving the actors a lot more room to improv and experiment; they had a lot of fun with it and were able to bring many comedic elements to the play.” The play had many memorable characters, whether it was the Italian plumber, the angry police chief or the two main cops, the play had many dedicated actors, including senior and drama club president Gabriell Salgado. Gabriell was the student director for this production, the first time he has helped direct a play, and still acted in the production.

“This play was interesting as we went from the mind set of the last play, which had a more serious and dramatic tone, to this wackier, more comedic play that had these two cops, who are honestly trying to do their job so they don’t get fired, interviewing wacky charcters like school mascots and French escape artists. It really was a fun production to put on and we had a good time putting it on,” said Salgado.

With only a month and a half to prepare, the Drama Club spent many hours preparing for this play, practicing their costume changes or making sure a scene was set up correctly. The audience seemed to notice all the hard work that the club has put in, as Julio Borges, a Columbus junior, mentioned “I could really see all the hard work that the Drama Club put in this performance, this is the fourth production that I’ve seen the Drama Club do, and this one has to be my favorite production, my favorite used to be the zombie play but this one definitely tops that one.”

With only one play left this year, the popular improv play, the Columbus Drama Club will surely end the year on a strong note.

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